Leuze Optical Data Transmission

Contact-free transmission of information by means of infrared light

Whenever data needs to be communicated without contact, optical devices for data transmission are the right choice. The optical data transceivers are used primarily in plant engineering, especially in applications where industrial networks such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet or Ethernet etc. are connected to system components which are moved.



Putting it all together

All peripheral devices – such as sensors, protective switches and cameras – are not worth much without networking to the fieldbus or a control unit. Depending on device type and area of application, our modular connection units offer variable interfaces that enable simple connection of the identification devices directly to the fieldbus and thus ensure simple integration of new devices in the system


A sensor alone does not make a safe workplace

Not until the safety sensors are efficiently and reliably integrated in the machine safety circuit can the topic of safety at work be implemented in such a way that the sensors do not interfere with the machine processes and yet still offer the best-possible protection. Our Safety Relays and AS-Interface solutions open all possibilities to you here