Leuze Safety Light Curtain

Everything for safety


Whether individual devices or optimally matched sets: in our extensive line of safety sensors, you will always find a suitable and efficient safety solution for point-of-operation, danger-zone and access guarding. All devices satisfy the applicable legal regulations and standards.



From extremely economical to extremely tough

Safety switches and magnetically coded safety systems are used for monitoring moveable safety guards, such as safety doors, sliding grilles or flaps. Opening the protective devices triggers an E-Stop command. Safety locking devices keep the protective doors locked, thereby preventing the inadmissible access of people until the guarded machine no longer poses a danger.



A sensor alone does not make a safe workplace

It is the efficient and reliable integration of safety sensors in the machine safety circuit that allow safety at work solutions to achieve the best-possible protection without interfering in the processes. Our safety relays, safety PLCs and AS-interface solutions open all possibilities to you here.



System safety is planning and maintenance

Sustainable safety at work begins with professional planning and doesn’t end with the start-up of the corresponding systems. With our engineering tools, you can efficiently plan safety at work right from the start. During operation, periodic inspections and trainings are then necessary and prescribed in order to ensure proper function and operation of the systems. We offer you an extensive and convenient package of all of these services for all of your safety at work measures