Pepperl Fuchs Rotary Encoder

Absolute Encoders

It performs the counting task, especially in positioning applications, by providing a numerically coded value for each shaft position. This saves cost by eliminating the need for additional input components. In addition, the current position value can be used immediately, eliminating the need for reference operation when the machine is turned on or after a power failure.

The Pepperl + Fuchs rotary encoder portfolio offers the widest range of interfaces for absolute encoders on the market:

Parallel Interface
SSI Interface
AS Interface

Incremental Encoders

It provides a number of pulses for each shaft revolution and calculates the speed with this number of pulses over a period of time. The pulses are counted from the reference point to calculate the angle or distance taken.


Rope Units

Allows the rotary encoder to measure linear motion with a rope pulled by the application on a straight line.


Rotary Encoder Accessories

Mounting brackets
Measuring wheels
Cables and sockets
Rope units